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The 1851 to 1891 Censuses


Large View of 1851 Census These Censuses give much more information to the genealogist.


Details included are:

a) Address:
This becomes more and more full and accurate as we progress.


b) Full Name:
Here the names are listed as with the 1841 Census, but more often with middle initials and names quoted.


c) Marital Status:
Unlike the 1841 Census marital status is given: Married "M", Unmarried "Unm" or "U", Widow "Wid" or "W", Widower "Wdr" or "W".


d) Relationship to Head:
Here the relationship between all the individuals present in the household and the Head of the household is given: Wife, Son, Daughter, Grandson/daughter, Lodger, Visitor, Mother-in-Law etcetera.


e) Sex:
Much the same as before…we hope!


f) Occupation:
Here we have details of the individuals' occupation and also, in the instance of a business person, how many were employed; farm acreage and the like. Children were noted as "Scholar" this does not always mean that they actually attended school though!


g) Place of Origin:
Here we have, in theory, the parish and county of birth. This is much more helpful to us, for obvious reasons.




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