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The 1841 Census


Large View of 1841 Census This is the first of the useful Census Returns. Although information is still somewhat limited. The information given is as follows:


a) Address:
Here there are wide variations between a full House and Street address and simply "cottage" or "ditto" in a given enumerators' area. Usually full traceable addresses apply only to the wealthier end of the social spectrum.


b) The "full" name:
The Christian and Surname is listed for each individual present at the property on Census Night. Sometimes middle names and/or initials are given but by no means always.


c) The Age:
On this Census the age for those persons under the age of 15 are meant to be given exactly. Above 15 the ages are rounded down to the nearest 5 years. That means that a person aged 39 would be listed as being 35 and a person of 74 would be listed as 70. This is by no means a rule of thumb though! This is why ages have to be viewed with a great deal of scepticism.


d) The Sex:
This one should be pretty accurate (!) "M" for male and "F" for female.


e) Occupation.
Here the occupation of the individual is listed. Again this must be viewed with some caution as certain ancestors had rather grand ideas about their station in life! Equally some had reason to be less than truthful.


f) Where Born:
Here information is, unfortunately, restricted to just the County and Country of origin. Therefore if a person was born within the County in which he was residing at the time of the Census he should answer "Yes". If not then the answer would simply be "No", frustratingly giving no other clues to his or her origins. The only other variation comes if the person not born within the County was actually born in Scotland "S", Ireland "I" or lastly in Foreign Parts "F".


Quality of the surviving records for this Census varies wildly. Some pages are incredibly clear others completely illegible.


Note: There are no relationships between individuals given on this Census.




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